Parents Have the Power/Teens Have the Tools

Healthy Futures Alliance
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Parents Have the Power/Teens Have the Tools

Parents Have the Power/Teens Have the Tools is the title for Healthy Futures’ direct-service provision of Abstinence-Plus parent and teen sexuality education.

Parents Have the Power offers bilingual workshops to help parents talk effectively with their adolescent children about relationships and sex. Parents learn about current trends, age-appropriate topics, five steps for talking to their teens, and tips for handling questions. Both parents and youth practice talking about values and role-play common situations.

Teens Have the Tools empowers youth to make healthy, informed decisions about sex by providing science-based sexuality education. Healthy Futures education staff works with schools and agencies to choose curricula (either evidence-based or evidence-informed) that best fit the needs of the youth to be served. Teens participate only with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Parents Have the Power/Teens Have the Tools is active both in schools and community agencies. Healthy Futures collaborates with several school districts and many community agencies to implement the program.

Both the parent and the teen programs strive to be culturally appropriate and responsive to the needs of the community. Both programs target low income areas of Bexar County and zip codes with high rates and numbers of teen births.