Dr. Janet Realini message, unplanned pregnancy advice

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Dr. Janet Realini message, unplanned pregnancy advice

Dear Friends,

What an amazing time for Healthy Futures of Texas!
Although our organization is relatively young,  our efforts to reduce teen and  unplanned  pregnancy in San Antonio and Texas are already making a difference.

Teen pregnancy—and unplanned pregnancy
among single young adults—are epidemic in
San Antonio and in Texas. Healthy Futures is
dedicated to reducing both!
Teen and unplanned pregnancy are two very sensitive issues, but we must address them  if we are to reduce poverty, child abuse, school dropout, and abortion in our community.

Some of Healthy Futures’ exciting news and projects include:

• The Healthy Futures Alliance (HFA) is an active, growing community coalition
to reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy.

• The HFA is working to pass its common-ground and common-sense agenda in
the 81st Texas Legislative Session, and we have support from:
—Republican and Democratic legislators in both Texas houses
—The City of San Antonio
—Bexar County Commissioners
—The Texas Medical Association
—The Bexar County Medical Association
—Texas Association Concerned with School-Age Parenthood

• The HFA Task Forces have many talented and dedicated volunteers who:
—are developing a media campaign to reach teens
—evaluating curricula and educational tools
—crafting a multi-component model intervention for a middle school
—recruiting young leaders to advise HFA

• We received one of only 3 “State and Local Action Grants” from the National
Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

• The BIG DECISIONS™ “Abstinence-Plus” curriculum, which we make
available FREE, is being used in 6 Texas school districts, and many
community agencies.

I believe that we can empower young people to take control of their lives—so they can reach their goals and dreams. A key part of making this happen is to draw on the energy and caring of parents, community members, and leaders.

Here are some ways that YOU can help:

• Join the Healthy Futures Alliance!
• Donate to Healthy Futures, a 501(c)(3) non-profit
• Talk to your kids about sex, relationships, abstinence, and birth control
• Volunteer to serve on your school district’s School Health Advisory Council