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After-School and Summer Programs for Teens

  • 2008 Teen Pregnancy Fact Sheet
  • 2008 Teen Pregnancy Report
  • SA Leaders, Advocacy Groups Hope To Curb Teen Pregnancy – KSAT 12
  • Local Teen Pregnancy Rate – KENS 5

2010 Fact Sheets:

  • Bexar County: Unplanned Pregnancy Among Young Adults
  • Texas Fact Sheet for Policymakers: Unplanned Pregnancy

PowerPoint Presentations & Handouts:

  • We Can Reduce Teen Pregnancy
  • Unplanned Pregnancy Among 20-somethings
  • Parents Have the Power! Bilingual Handout
  • Parent Survey SA Medicine March 2006
  • American College Health Association Poster: 20-somethings and Unplanned Pregnancy

(Please note that these PowerPoint presentations were prepared on behalf of Healthy Futures. The use of any data, graphics, or the PowerPoint is permitted, provided that acknowledgment of Healthy Futures is included. If you have questions regarding the PowerPoint .

Materials from 2nd Annual Community Awareness Luncheon

  • Toward a Common Future – Latino Teens and Adults Speak Out About Teen Pregnancy
  • Thinking About Our Future: Latino Teens Speak Out about Teen Pregnancy
  • Rethinking Responsibility: Reflections on Sex and Accountability
  • Faith, Hope & Love – How Latino Faith Communities Can Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy

A Special Thanks to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy for providing the materials for the luncheon.