Weight Training And Belly Fat

The Effect of Weight Lifting

The research shows that weight training is effective for fat loss.

Abdominal Fat Loss

Not only does weight training prevent abdominal fat gain over time it can also induce belly fat loss in the short-term.

Overall Fat Loss

Researchers for a 2016 edition of Age conducted a study with post-menopausal women and had them perform either no exercise.

Spot Reducing

One group performed upper body weight training exercises followed by half an hour of cycling, whereas the other group completed .

Increased Metabolism

The research shows that weight lifting can promote fat loss & this effect might be due at least partially to the fact that weight lifting .

Lean Body Mass

Not only does weight training burn fat and increase the metabolism it can also increase lean body mass & researchers .

Weight Lifting

Weight training on its own is effective for fat loss but recent research has shown that combining weight lifting with dieting.


The entire body of research on weight training suggests that it is effective for fat loss. Research shows that weight training programs can promote abdominal fat loss, as well as total body fat loss.